Job and Job Family Creation

The essential first step of any flow with the Skill Engine API is creating the Entities within the system. First, a Job Family needs to be created. In order to create a Job Family, send over the Job Family information to the /job_architecture/job_families endpoint. Job Family information can contain a non-required job_family_group field. This field can be used if your organization has a hierarchical structure with Job Families grouped into higher level groups. After this creation, you can add Jobs to this Job Family by sending over the Job Information to the /job_architecture/jobs endpoint. The Job is added to the Job Family by providing the Job Family ID in the body of the request.


If the Job Family with ID 101 is created, the Job with ID 1 can be added to this Job Family by sending the following request:

  "external_id": 1,
  "job_name": "Frontend Developer",
  "job_family_id": "101"