Skill Cluster Framework

Adding Skill Clusters

The essential first step of any flow with the Skill Engine API is creating the Entities within the system.

For example, to create a Skill Cluster you can simply submit a POST request to /skill_clusters:

  "external_id": "CP-001",
  "skill_cluster_name": "Data Science Modelling",
  "skill_cluster_description": "The ability to use machine learning algorithms to extract value from data"

The sequence diagram below shows the communication steps:

Your SystemSkill Engine APIPOST /skill_clusterSkill Extraction✅ HTTP 204 No ContentSkill Extraction Failed❌ HTTP 422 Unprocessable Entity❌ HTTP 409 Conflictalt[Creation Successful][Creation Failed][Entity Already Exists]Your SystemSkill Engine API

After the initial creation, the Skill Clusters can be updated by sending a PATCH request to /skill_clusters/CP-001. More information can be found at the endpoint specification .

The lifecycle of each Entity is managed explicitly, meaning that you cannot overwrite an existing Entity with a POST message. To update an Entity, you can execute a PATCH call at its specific endpoint.