Tutorial: Employee Timeline


This tutorial describes how you can build the Skills Timeline for the Employees, including

  • Creating new Employees
  • Adding new Skill Events linked to these Employees, which will contribute to the Skill & Skill Cluster profile of the Employee
  • Adding, updating or removing those Skill Clusters by giving feedback
  • Exporting the Skill Clusters for (part of) the Employees


In this tutorial, we assume that the Skill Cluster framework is already added to the API. (either by TechWolf or a framework uploaded by the customer)

Postman collection

It is possible to follow this tutorial hands-on by using the following postman collection. Download both the collection and the environment template and import them into postman. Set the given environment as active and fill in the credentials received by TechWolf. Once the environment is correctly set, the collection can be used to send requests to the API. Make sure to start with the Login request which will automatically set the session token in the following calls.

Download Postman collection

Download Postman environment