The Skill Engine API is an AI toolkit to solve your skill-related challenges. Our aim is not just to explain how individual components are used, but also how you can bring these components together into full use cases. This part of the developer portal provides a range of tutorials, showcasing the information flow and API calls needed to bring these scenarios to life.

In each tutorial, the two communicating parties are your system and the Skill Engine API. For any request, the method and endpoint to which it is sent are indicated on the message arrow. Responses are shown as a dotted line, indicating the HTTP response code. An example diagram is shown below:

Your SystemSkill Engine APIPOST /employeesSkill Extraction✅ HTTP 204 No Content❌ HTTP 409 Conflictalt[Creation Successful][Entity Already Exists]Your SystemSkill Engine API

Keep the following rules in mind when reading sequence diagrams:

  • opt is used for optional operations (e.g. a feedback step).
  • alt is used to indicate scenarios that are alternatives to each other (e.g. a success and failure scenario).
  • Colors are meaningful: green indicates a success scenario, red indicates a critical failure (which ends the flow immediately), orange indicates a non-critical failure (which means an operation has no effect, but the flow can still continue).
  • In more complex setups, only success paths will be shown in diagrams. For all possible scenarios, please consult the API spec.