Getting Started

This section of the developer portal provides you with additional background information on the research, technology, and principles behind the Skill Engine. While primarily aimed at developers, this documentation can be insightful for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the technology powering the Skill Engine. The following categories are present, each answering a set of questions:

  • Integrations: How can I connect the Skill Engine API to my system? What happens to my data? How secure is the system?
  • Artificial Intelligence: What happens inside the Skill Engine? Can I understand how results came to be? What does TechWolf do against bias?
  • Data Models: What are the underlying entities and models in the Skill Engine API?

If you'd like a more exact overview of different functionalities, including exact requests and responses, please head over to the API Reference. For a more tailored overview of how our functionality comes together in various use cases, you may find our Tutorials to be of use.