Fetching Matches

Once you have created one or more Companies and linked Vacancies or desired functions to it, you can start generating Company/Employee matches! The matching score between a given Company and Employee is defined as the highest match score this Employee has with one of the Vacancies linked to the Company.

Finding Companies for an Employee

To find the most suitable Companies for a given Employee, you can request the best matches through a GET request to employees/<external_id>/matching_companies/. As is the case in matching between Employees and Vacancies, you can use the limit, max_geo_distance and score_min_threshold query parameters to further filter results.

Finding Employees for a Company

Finding the most suitable Employees for a given Company is similar to the approach described above, with the only difference being the endpoint: companies/<external_id>/matching_employees/. You can use the same query parameters for filtering.


The score calculation between a Company and Employee is reflected transparently through the API response, which returns the Vacancy external_id and job_title for each Vacancy that contributed to the match result. This explanation is found in the matching_vacancies field in each item in the response. To dive a bit deeper into the match still, you can use the explained Employee/Vacancy matching.