Custom Property Definitions

To be able to add custom properties to an Entity, you first need to create a custom property definition for the specific Entity type. This tutorial will walk you through the flow for an Employee, but the process is similar for other Entity types.

Allowed Types

Custom property definitions ensure that a custom property is consistent over all entities of that type. Using an inconsistent data type will result in a HTTP 400: Bad Request.

An Employee can have custom properties of the following types:

  • number: Must be an integer or float (without double quotes)
  • text: Must be an empty or non-empty string
  • boolean: Must be a Boolean value true or false (without double quotes)
  • datetime: Must be an ISO8601-formatted datetime string (supported formats: ["%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f", "%Y-%m-%d"]).
  • list[text]: Must be a list of strings


If you want for example to indicate that an Employee is a freelancer, you can create a Boolean custom property definition freelancer.

  "property_name": "freelancer",
  "property_type": "boolean"

In order to create the definition use the following flow:

Your SystemSkill Engine APIPOST /employees/custom_properties✅ HTTP 204 No Content❌ HTTP 409 Conflictalt[Creation Successful][Custom Property Definition AlreadyExists]Your SystemSkill Engine API

You can retrieve, update, and delete all the custom property definitions for an Employee using the endpoint /employees/custom_properties. For more details on how to do this, please head over to the API Reference.