Tutorial: Skill Clusters


Many companies (API users) have their own language to describe skills and traits of employees: Skill Cluster frameworks. These consist of a collection of Skill Clusters (i.e. combination of skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours) and are essential in terms of defining job requirements and recruiting, retaining and developing staff.

The Skill Engine API is made to fit your workflow and speak your language, so you're able to add the Skill Clusters of your framework. This allows the Skill Engine API to express insights in your Skill Cluster language.

This tutorial describes how you can use Skill Clusters within the Skill Engine API, including:

  • Adding the Skill Clusters of a Skill Clusters framework
  • Providing feedback with those Skill Clusters to a skill profile


In this tutorial, we assume that you have a Skill Clusters framework and that all Skill Clusters have a name and a description. If you don't have a Skill Clusters framework, you can use a publicly available framework such as ESCO (in 27 languages) and Competent (in Dutch).