Metrics & Reports

The Skill Engine API leverages a system of metrics and reports to provide both individual and aggregated insights about the entities contained in it. In essence, you can see a metric as a single number representing some amount of information about an entity or a collection of entities of the same type. Below, you can see a handful of examples of metrics available in the Skill Engine API:

  • Employability of an Employee
  • Average employability of all Employees
  • Count for a given Skill in a set of entities
  • Skill level for a given Skill and Employee

A report, on the other hand, typically aggregates and groups these metrics into a broader overview.

  • Employability for all Employees
  • High-level skill distribution of the company
  • Current position alignment for all Employees

Reports are structured with the intention of enabling you to combine them with different data sources inside your own BI tooling. For this reason, metrics tend to provide insights (e.g. an overall indication of your skills health), whereas the focus of reports is generally to aggregate these across a population.