Skill Clusters

While the Skill Engine API works out of the box with the skills vocabulary provided by TechWolf, some organisations have a language of their own to express capabilities: a Skill Cluster framework. As we want our system to integrate with your company seamlessly, we allow you to import this Skill Cluster language into the Skill Engine API, making our system speak your language.

The structure of a Skill Cluster in our system is relatively simple: all that's required as input is a name and a description. In essence, each Skill Cluster is mapped with one or more underlying skills -- this is done in a fully automated manner, based on the name and description provided for each Skill Cluster. Afterwards, you can use the feedback functionality to adapt the interpretation of each Skill Cluster to match your vision exactly. Skill Clusters in the Skill Engine API are modeled in a very similar way to entities. As such, you can use the same functionality to create, read, update and delete them as you might do with an Employee or Vacancy entity.

As managing an always up-to-date Skill Cluster framework can be quite a burden without intelligent tooling and insights, we assist our customers in optimising their frameworks. For example, this includes detection of potential duplicates or errors, analysing how well your framework covers your workforce and suggesting upcoming skills to be added in the form of a new Skill Cluster. This way, we assist you in keeping your framework accurate, active and relevant.