Datasource integration with Jira

In Jira, employees demonstrate their skills on a daily basis. With the Jira-TechWolf app, we can identify and infer those skills from completed tasks and thereby enrich the skill profiles of the individuals responsible for these tasks.

This page describes the installation, operation and configuration of our Jira-TechWolf app. It is intended for anyone who wants to gain insight in how the integration works, and for those who deploy the integration.

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How it works

Jira can be used as a datasource for skills. Completing Jira issues results in acquiring or enhancing skills. This means that the title and the description of an issue can be used as data source to infer skills from. When the status of an issue is considered to be 'Done', i.e. set to 'Done' (or any equivalent), the content of the issue will be added to the profile of the employee that completed the issue. The issue can be of any type e.g. Task, Epic, Story... When the status of an issue is changed from 'Done' (or any equivalent) to something else, the issue will be removed from the profile of the employee that completed the issue. Issues without an assignee will not be processed for skill inference. However, issues with the status 'Done' (or any equivalent) that get an assignee will still be added to that assignee's profile. The profile is also dynamically updated if the title or description of the issue changes after it was already added to their profile.

An important step of the installation is to link Employees with Jira users. To be able to link an Employee, we must know the Employee's corresponding Jira ID, which can be different from the external_id used in the TechWolf API. To do so, we must find a method of mapping between the two types of IDs, and use that mapping to set a Custom Property for each Employee in the TechWolf API. If this is set up correctly, the Jira integration will be able to add the issues to the Employees' profiles.


To ensure a successful installation, the following checklist outlines the necessary prerequisites:

  • You have administrative access to the Jira site targeted for the integration.
  • You have the appropriate TechWolf API licenses.
  • You have the appropriate SkillEngine API credentials, which include:

    • Tenant ID
    • Tenant secret
    • Tenant name
    • Region (Europe or United States)
  • You have a TechWolf API tenant set up that contains the relevant employee information necessary for the Jira Integration. A custom property called jira_id is added for all employees containing their Jira ID.
  • You have at least one active project on the specified Jira site.


Please read through all the steps carefully, every step must be followed and submitted for the Jira-TechWolf integration to work properly.

  1. Navigate to the install page of the Jira TechWolf Integration, you will be directed to the app's specific installation page.

Install Page

  1. Click on Get app in the upper right corner.
  2. A window will pop up. Select the Jira site where you wish to install the TechWolf app for Jira.

Install Pop Up

  1. After selecting the relevant site, click on Install .

⚠️ You can only select sites that you are an admin of.

The TechWolf application has now been installed on the Jira site of your choosing.

Finding the configuration page

On the configuration page, you will be able to submit your TechWolf credentials.

  1. Go to the Jira site where you installed the Jira-TechWolf app:


  2. In the upper selection menu of your site, select Apps. A dropdown menu will appear.

Navigation to Apps

  1. Now, in the dropdown menu, click on Manage your apps.

Navigation to Manage Apps

You will be redirected to the apps settings page of your Jira site.

  1. In the side bar on the left, click on TechWolf app settings under the Apps tab.

Navigation to TechWolf App Settings

You will be redirected to the settings page of the TechWolf app.

Configuring the connection to TechWolf via the SkillEngine API

After clicking on the TechWolf app settings , you will land on the following page:

Settings Page

  1. Under SkillEngine API Credentials , populate the form with your Techwolf credentials:

    tenant ID, Tenant secret, tenant name, region

    If don’t have access to such credentials, please contact TechWolf support.

Credentials box

  1. Click Confirm in order for the credentials to be correctly stored.

    If this feedback message is shown:

    Credentials success feedback

    You successfully established a connection with the TechWolf API.

    If any other feedback is provided, something went wrong establishing the connection. Please follow the feedback’s instructions.

Once correctly configured, there is no need to ever do this again except for when the app is deleted and reinstalled.

Once completed, the Jira TechWolf integration is successfully installed! Enjoy inferring skills. 🎉