The Companies functionality in our API is available to staffing and employment agency customers as a way to not just match candidates with currently open position, but also with companies that have not explicitly advertised a position. This way, we open up new business opportunities by flagging highly relevant companies for candidates that may not have a suitable advertised vacancy nearby. The companies interface allows you to link historical and active vacancies to their corresponding organisation, and is compatible with the TechWolf Data Lake, which provides historical hiring history for hundreds of thousands of organisations across Europe and North America.

Companies can be matched bidirectionally with Employees, based on the Vacancies linked to each Company. There are three ways to add Vacancies to a given Company:

  • Explicitly, by setting the company field for a Vacancy. If the Vacancy has been closed, you can retain the Vacancy for Company matching purposes by setting its active attribute to false.
  • By adding desired functions to the company, which handles the creation of inactive Vacancies based on these functions for you.
  • By loading historical Vacancies (inactive) from the TechWolf Data Lake.

The Vacancies linked to a Company can be listed, to allow for easy management through our API. The profiling of companies takes into account transitions in behavior over time, making sure that companies changing focus are treated appropriately.