Datasource integration with SumTotal

SumTotal provides integrated talent management software solutions designed to help organizations recruit, train, manage, and develop their workforce. This system holds a vast amount of data about your workforce, including followed courses, undergone activities, goals, and so on, serving as a valuable source for skill inference. TechWolf offers an integration that seamlessly and continuously feeds that data into the TechWolf SkillEngine API. This integration is fully configurable, allowing you to control and decide what data will be uploaded in which way.


To ensure a successful installation, the following checklist outlines the necessary prerequisites:

  • You have administrative access to the SumTotal site targeted for the integration.
  • You have the appropriate TechWolf API licenses.
  • You have the appropriate SkillEngine API credentials, which include:

    • Tenant ID
    • Tenant secret
    • Tenant name
    • Region (Europe or United States)
  • You have a TechWolf API tenant set up that contains the relevant employee information necessary for the SumTotal Integration.

Supported data types

The data types we currently support for SumTotal are:

  • Courses
  • Learning histories

Both datatypes are always synced together. As a first step, this feature uploads and dynamically updates courses from SumTotal to TechWolf. Next, a learning SkillEvent is uploaded for a specific employee, if that employee completed a course. The relevant course is linked to the SkillEvent, inferring the correct skills.


There are no installation efforts required from the customer side. Everything is activated and configured by TechWolf. We only require you to share the necessary SumTotal credentials.

Our Solutions team will also guide you in making some design decisions related to this integration, covering:

  • The desired datatypes to be synced
  • Custom properties required for your integrations. This could be values to include or exclude (e.g. specific departments)

And our Solutions team will support you along the way

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